ePub is the way for NDY

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Epubs appear to be the emerging reader standard across the market. Excepting Amazon's 'mobi' version, all the other platforms have opted to avoid any possible future confrontation with Amazon by deliberately not adopting anything that might contravene their copyrights or patents. There is of course no reason at all why these platforms can;t offer both and it is definitely NDY's intention to do so in the future.

NDY are trialling an e-Reader App that will read both types without any discernable degradation in reading performance. We will also be looking at badging our own e-Reader device in the near future that will manage both of these and virtually every other reading standard in current use today.

It isn't our ethos to limit our reader's choice.

Instead we hope to be able to seamlessly integrate 'mobi' standards into our website by offering a direct 'download to device' option as well as alternative e-reading software to load on their phone or tablet. We only need to work out the mechanics of such a commitment which consists omainly of writing the download linkage software into the backend of NDY's website.

So watch this space as it's coming soon.


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Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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