The Girl on a Cross

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She hangs on a cross, her soul in a land—eternal—closer to death than life…
Chosen to be a ball-girl at the world’s biggest tennis tournament, thirteen-year-old Maria Martin came north to New York from the Georgia peach country with a racket in her hand, a dream in her orphan-heart, and two evil men chasing after her—for she’d just found (and then hid) their darkest secret in the days before she left—and they will stop at nothing to get it back.
Russell Tucker is the comeback champ. He is a man, who, on the evening after his biggest court victory, somehow finds himself trying to save the life of his newly befriended ball-girl as she is being savagely attacked in her hotel.
But he is overpowered by her attackers, and as they go to shoot him down, this young girl dives between him and their gun and takes his bullet.
Two months later, as Maria lies in a coma—inching ever closer to dying with the passing of each night—Russell remembers something from his past that is both horrifying and beautiful, and he begins to tell her his own coming-of-age story…about how he hung on a cross, his soul in a land—eternal—closer to death than life… hoping that Maria will find in his words something to reach for as she now dares to come back and face her evil attackers. 
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